***Another JahDynasty Productions classic... 

"The People's Cry" by Keithus I, a well decorated album with some of Jamaica's foundation musicians and talented singers was recorded at Music World Anchor Recording Studio, guided by engineer  Delroy Phata Pottinger.

Legendary drum and bass twins Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare put their touch on several tracks; also Robbie Lyn, Danny Axman Thompson, Winston Bopee Bowen, Garth Ducky Forrester, Dean Fraiser, Paul Crossdale just to name a few grace this album with creativity.  The beautiful voices of Nikki Burt, Leba Hibbert and Farah Rashay supports Keithus I's singing style expressing the peoples cry.  A diary of messages, love, peace and joy is packaged in this project.  A must have for Reggae music lovers and collectors.

The release date is June 01, 2018.  The album is available on all leading music outlets.  For more information email:  jahdynasty@jahdynasty.com***


 "Clean up the mess" - available:  december 2018

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***Another JahDynasty Productions single release...

"Clean Up The Mess" by Empress Imara, born at Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay St James and raised by her mother Heather Walker (affectionately known as Reds).  Empress Imara lived in a little district called Salt Spring and is the second child out of five children. 

"My rebirth name is Empress Imara meaning confident, strong and resolute.  My purpose is to heal the people with positive vibrations through music.   I am a song writer and I will always create positive and magnetic music that inspires the soul.  Shows I have worked on include: Sizzla Earth-Day, Bob Marley Earth-Day celebration in St Ann Nine Mile, Jamaica.  In 2013 I won best singing talent in Falmouth Trelawny Parish, Jamaica.  Adding to multiple tracks I have recorded is a new single, "Clean Up The Mess".  I have recorded on the JahDynasty Productions label for  Keithus I on December 7, 2018".

"Artists that inspired me are: Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear, Sizzla, Don Carols, Keithus I, Bob Andy, Marcia Griffiths, Diana Simmons, Tina Turner, Gladys Knight and Anita Baker to name a few".

The single is available now on all leading music outlets.  For more information email:  jahdynasty@jahdynasty.com***

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